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Fashion Entrance is your gateway to cutting-edge styles you won’t find anywhere else. We sell original designs made from top-quality materials with the utmost attention to detail: we carefully craft our garments to ensure the perfect fit that will complement your silhouette. Our luxury clothing is unique and exclusive, but easy to combine with your existing wardrobe. We make pieces you can wear with any outfit, that will elevate your look and highlight your individual style. Our modern and relaxed look is perfect for any streetwear, athleisure, or casual aesthetic.

You’re here because you know what you like, and you know what’s important to you. You’re always on the move, at home in every city you find yourself in, and you always get the most from every experience. Your style is specific, but it doesn’t define you. It expresses your confidence and your eye for quality. Your appreciation for upscale fashion has never steered you wrong, and now it’s brought you here: to Fashion Entrance.

Fashion Entrance transcends borders. We are a cosmopolitan brand that cannot be confined to a single place or aesthetic: our clothing is designed in New York City and produced in Europe using high quality Japanese and Italian fabrics, in collaboration with designers from around the world. And through the Fashion Entrance online store, we sell these amazing pieces to people all over the globe.

Our in-house designer has held a lifelong passion for craftsmanship: at age 6 he wanted to make a dress for his mother, so he cut out the fabric only to realize he didn’t know how to sew it into a finished garment. Later on he pursued a degree in economics, and another in fashion design. He began his fashion career as a pattern maker before becoming the head designer for a leather apparel company. By age 25, he was working with Olympic figure skaters to create the costumes they would wear to win the World Championships and eventually the Olympic Games.

We are committed to helping raise up designers who, like him, are pursuing their dream of creating beautiful and daring clothing in a world dominated by name-brand fashion houses. That’s why since 2015 we have focused on supporting small, independent brands and designers rather than relying on big brand hype to drive sales. We’re travelers like you: exploring the world, seeking out unique designers who demonstrate talent, character, and craftsmanship, and collaborating with them to bring you truly exclusive and top-quality designs.

You don’t need to reinvent your style, you need to elevate it. Let our designer apparel take your look to the next level and support independent fashion. Start your journey into underground design and world-class apparel with Fashion Entrance.